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When buying lights for your home or office, it’s always best to go with the trusted manufacturers such as Osram Lamps. You can get the best supplies of Osram Lamps at Karya Global if you are in Dubai or what to buy in bulk and ship to your country.

When it comes to LED lighting, Osram Lamps is the leading source of LED information, resources & tools for the solid state lighting, general illumination space.


Driven Indoor Lighting

The conceivable outcomes and potential for LED indoor lighting in both the business and private space is genuinely boundless. Vitality proficient and dependable, LEDs are being planned into new apparatuses and into retrofit lights for existing installations.

Let the group of LED specialists at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors enable you to plan your next LED indoor lighting apparatus. With a broad product offering, we have the correct answer for your next inside LED lighting venture.



The eventual fate of downlighting is gazing upward. Downlights composed with LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors take surrounding lighting to a radical new measurement. Minimized, intense LEDs offer a moment on arrangement, dynamic shading tuning, directional light, and earth amicable vitality proficiency. Indeed, with more than 500 million downlights introduced in US family units and more than 200 million downlights sold every year, the potential for vitality reserve funds with LED downlight applications is critical.

Included Product: SOLERIQ S

High radiant flux out of a solitary Chip-on-Board LED bundle

Brilliant shading consistency inside a 3-stage MacAdam oval

Simplicity of assembling


Out with the old, in with the most up to date – the eventual fate of lighting is currently. Driven retrofit lights are immediate substitutions for traditional glowing, halogen, and conservative fluorescent (CFL) lights. LEDs convey higher lumens per watt (lm/W) which implies noteworthy vitality investment funds while enduring more than ten times longer than radiant sources. With their directional light, moment on and capacity to diminish, LEDs are quick turning into the light wellspring of decision.

Highlighted Product: DURIS E

Wide bar plot for homogeneous light dissemination

Stable shine over lifetime

Minimized light source in savvy PLCC bundle


The eventual fate of lighting is in feasible, profoundly successful and productive LEDs. Our enduring, solid, splendid LEDS are a lighting architects dream. They make intrigue and show, arrived in a perpetual cluster of hues, contain no mercury and advance vitality productivity and earth neighborly plan (LEED). Their little frame component and high splendor make them the ideal answer for applications where space is at a premium and where changing a customary light source demonstrates cost restrictive. Let the creative OSRAM Opto Semiconductor group of specialists enable you to outline your next LED engineering lighting dream.


Included Product: DURIS P 5

Withstands troublesome conditions while expanding lumens per dollar execution

Mid-control LED with best-in-class consumption resistance and lifetime

Appropriate for indoor and open air situations with high moistness. Make sure you tell your sales person about the specific requirements you need so you can get the appropriate LED light.

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